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Years of Living Dangerously: Death of the Central Valley

Actor Don Cheadle is on the ground in California, where the worst drought in 1,200 years is devastating the nation’s most populous state and the world’s seventh-largest economy. He investigates how California Governor Jerry Brown’s administration is fighting the drought while also fighting climate change. Along the way, Cheadle meets a scientist who warns of […]

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Accumulated change in water storage from the NASA GRACE mission, 2002-2015. NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Calfiornia Institute of Technology

LA Times Op-Ed: Is the California Drought America’s Water Wake-Up Call?

Even when the epic drought ends, when all of the state’s surface and groundwater supplies are jointly tallied, California will still be losing water.  Read the full piece here.

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Jay Famiglietti in the Arroyo Seco in Pasadena, CA. February, 2016. Photo by Steve Anderson for the Princeton Alumni Weekly.

Princeton Alumni Weekly: In a Dry Country

Like thousands of real-life Oklahomans during the Great Depression, the Joad family of Steinbeck’s novel fled dust and drought for a place that looked like paradise. Read the story here.

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Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 9.47.18 AM

VICE on HBO: End of Water

Vikram Ganhdi and the VICE team tackle the global water crisis in this eye-popping segment on HBO.  Coupled with Isobel Yeung’s first story on the unsustainability of meat production, this Season 4/Episode 5 installment is an excellent contribution to the ‘no-apologies’ VICE on HBO series. Watch the preview to ‘Meathooked/End of Water.’

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Jay Famiglietti discusses global groundwater depletion on The Rachel Maddow Show, June 17, 2015.

The Rachel Maddow Show: New Research Sounds Alarm on Global Water Supply

Jay Famiglietti, senior water scientist at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, talks with Rachel Maddow about new research using satellites to detect underground water around the world and finding startling deficiencies in the global water supply. Link to the video clip here. Free downloads of the papers: Quantifying renewable groundwater stress with GRACE Uncertainty in […]

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Washington Post: New NASA Data Show How the World is Running Out of Water

More than half of Earth’s 37 largest aquifers are being depleted, according to gravitational data from the GRACE satellite system.  Read more here. Free downloads of the papers: Quantifying renewable groundwater stress with GRACE Uncertainty in global groundwater stress estimates in a total groundwater stress framework. 

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Bill Maher and Jay Famiglietti on Real Time with Bill Maher, Episode 348, March 27, 2015. Photo by HBO/Janet Van Ham

Real Time with Bill Maher: When in Drought

Bill speaks with UC Irvine professor and NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Senior Water Scientist Jay Famiglietti about the severe drought affecting the state of California. March 27, 2015 On Overtime Overseas and taking the SoCal Public Radio drought quiz at the after party with actor Zachary Quinto Plus a web exclusive NewRule: The Evaporation Proclamation […]

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Last Call at the Oasis

NY Times Review: When There Really Is Not a Drop to Drink. ‘Last Call at the Oasis,’ A Documentary About Water Supplies. By A. O. Scott. Jay Famiglietti, one of a handful of expert witnesses in Jessica Yu’s “Last Call at the Oasis,” is a thoughtful scientist with an engaging manner who specializes in water. […]

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Lesley Stahl visits NASA JPL to talk about the GRACE mission and our research on groundwater depletion

60 Minutes: Water

Lesley Stahl reports on the depletion of crucial groundwater across the globe — with a focus on California — and our work with NASA GRACE mission that is revealing just how serious the situation is. Stream the episode here. Originally broadcast November 16, 2014. Download the NASA/JPL GRACE water storage animations:  California, Middle East, India.  […]

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